We aim to provide “self help” grief support services to parents who have lost a child. The holistic concept is to help families achieve harmony in mind body and spirit through a soothing and healing heart.


Our Beginning

Hello, I would like to introduce myself, my name is Tony Diaz a parent who has lost a child and Founder of the " Parents At A Loss Foundation" Inc. (PAAL). For over thirty years in my capacity as President/CEO, Executive Director, and Counselor for a non-profit family counseling agency that served the San Bernardino Inland Empire. I had never thought I would one day develop a program designed to help parents who have lost a child.

I know we remember all so well that devastating and terrifying moment. I recall sitting in the hospital lobby room waiting to see my son "Andy" when out of no where I heard a loud yell from the nurse saying " Mr. Diaz " your son had a " heart attack " my body and mind immediately went into shock with disbelief. I remember telling the doctors to please save my son and bring him back. That night my son " Andy " never went back home.

The " Parents At A Lost " Foundation Inc. (PAAL) is a "Self-Help" support group model that has been recognized as a viable and effective method in coping with the loss of a child. A study conducted by (Wichita State University Center for Community Support And Research) concluded that " Self-Help " groups comprised of parents that share the same issues and challenges experience a better insight in learning the processes of grief with purpose while helping others.



“My Vision is to help parents, like myself, who have lost a child.”

— Tony Diaz, FOUNDER

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Our Mission

Parents At A Loss Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational organization.  Our mission is to help parents achieve a "soothing heart" by way of learning new coping skills and self-empowering experiences from other parents. The " Holistic  Concept " is that memories will help nourish a broken heart for parents to achieve harmony in...Mind...Body...and Spirit.

In Closing. the "Parents At A Loss" Foundation Inc. (PAAL) will help continue with the memory and legacy of my son Andrew "Andy" Diaz by helping other parents grieve through...Care...Hope...Peace...and Calm

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Program Services

Serving the Greater Inland Empire of San Bernardino County.  Parents At A Loss Foundation provides on going weekly “self help” services for parents and their families.

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